Allow me to Re-Introduce Myself

Lady V

Hello beautiful people,

So you read the title and thought hmm this should be interesting. Hahaha I hope so. Welp here’s what I think… a woman should re-introduce, re-invent herself often at least every six months, don’t you agree? If you follow me on Instagram then you know I never shy away from a new look, wig on wig off, I’m always changing up my look. Recently I felt the need to really love and embrace myself. As women we have so many demands and people depending on us that sometimes we forget to celebrate who we are and how much we’ve grown. We’re constantly growing, discovering new likes, styles, places, things, food, TV shows (for the first time I watched Seinfield and loved it), and the old you, the old way of thinking or being just want do. My grandma likes to joke about me needing a new ID for my many different looks, to be honest I don’t even recognize the person on my California ID. The woman on the picture says not today, LOL, it was a rough January morning, I had just did a third big chop and was just running in to retake the test and was not in a mood for pictures and autographs, ha. I sometimes get that double look from people who need my identification. Yes it’s me bro, Carry On! What I’ve learned just this year from January to November is that I am one amazing, strong, talented, gifted, beautiful, brave and powerful woman (and so are you), things I thought I’d never do, I DID this year and I’m proud of the woman I’ve become.

Just the other day I was praying and in mid-prayer, I had to apologize to God for the same wearisome prayer. I was constantly praying for the same things over and over and over again, nothing new, nothing exciting, nothing BIG, nothing powerful, just a prayer for protection and life to resume as usual, NO FUN! I had gotten content, so I thought, but what’s a life with no expectations, no new victories, new friends, new places, new food. So, I challenged myself to start bringing the hard stuff to God. The stuff I knew only he could do, change, fix, create, alter, open, close, elevate, move, propel. Do you hear me… the BIG STUFF. After praying I sat there laughing, not like Sarah out of disbelieve, but like a real chuckle at the fact that I would get everything I just prayed for. I’m ready to be that woman that I admire, the woman who’s not afraid of what’s next, who’s not afraid to ask for what she want and work hard to get it. The woman who celebrates her uniqueness, her differences, her style and grace.

I got ready for church on yesterday and said, NOT TODAY, no dress today (I didn’t feel like shaving), no wig today, no makeup today, just lashes, some NYX Cream Lipstick in the color Cherry Skies (gift from my mom), my washed fro under my beautiful hat, some old jeans, a body suit and heels. I was feeling GOOD you hear me. The reaction I got was really funny, some said I look like a recording artist ready to drop an album, others said a dj, a stylist, a poet, a painter, an entertainer, a mompreneur, etc. It was really cute and funny, I wasn’t trying to bring the VIBES, I just dressed how I felt. On this November Day, I felt like myself and it felt soooo good. I believe that when we feel good on the inside it shows on the outside. I’ve been worried over a few things starting law school, taking my brand to the next level, buying a bigger house, etc, but I’m no longer worried. I believe that if God said I’m going to get it, I walk like I HAVE IT. If you haven’t subscribed do so. I plan to get back to sharing my life, love, styles with you all and blogging, blogging. 🙂

Lady V.

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