Rings, Bling and Earrings!!


Who doesn’t like shopping? I know I do, but going to a store or boutique to find the perfect accessory is a hassle! Do you leave the kids at home with dad, do you get the ring, earrings or both, what about the necklace and bracelet? Do you get something for your best friend, your mom, your son’s teacher? Once you’ve made your mind up, you’re now looking at the the total and thinking umm maybe next paycheck, LOL! I get it, I’ve been there and have left the store feeling like my look isn’t complete. When I heard about a company that sells beautiful jewelry for $5, I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears, so I kept asking the owner “are you sure this necklace and earring set is only $5,” I said it nice and slow as if she had misquoted the wrong price. “YES, it’s only $5,” she said for the 10th time! That’s when I thought wow, I can get something for myself and for a friend who’s party I was heading to that evening.

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If you’re like me you love telling your girlfriends where they can get the hookup! Look no further than Paparazzi Accessories! You can now treat yourself, your friends and family without breaking the bank. They have a wide selection of rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and hair accessories that will complete your signature look. Shop online for your bridesmaid gifts, Mother’s Day gifts, or a gift for a new mommy; imagine her eyes lighting up at her shower as she opens your special gift. Do you know someone who’s graduating, going to their prom, getting baptized, recently got engaged,  just started a new job or got promoted? Name the occasion,  because we have just the gift for them,  there’s also men collection!

When I learned that I could sell the same accessories I said, “sign me up.” I love that I get to shop, earn and party! If you’re looking to earn extra money, work from your phone or anywhere then join in on the fun. If you want to plan a girls get-together book me for your special event and earn free accessories.


Victoria Taylor

Author, Love Coach, Speaker, Independent Business Owner




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