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I know I normally post every Tuesday, but it’s Friday and this couldn’t wait. On my blog I feel like I can be transparent and honest, so on yesterday, I was attacked, not physically, but mentally and emotionally. I was suppose to have what I thought was a “meeting of the minds,” a time to sit down and go over a few suggestions I had for this group. To my surprise I was not well received. When I initially submitted the ideas and plans it was like “okay they look good, let’s try to go over them one day.” Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months because of our schedules, but being that it was such a long time between when I submitted the plans and meeting, it was a hot mess. By the time this meeting took place this individual had all this built up frustration towards me.

All I could hear was “I love your ideas BUT, you’re doing too much! You’re too powerful and it bothers me and I’m going to need you to stop and give me a chance to lead”  What the what???? LMBO!!!!!! I laughed, smiled and then the tears started to form, I was sitting there having two people tell me I was out of line, not in my place, manipulative, not spiritual and all the while, I’m rocking my toddler, as he drifted off to sleep thinking what the hell did I just get myself into. Yes Hell, because I felt fire and it wasn’t the Holy Ghost. “How come I feel like crap right now,” I thought.  I could hear God say, “V don’t cry,” but it was too late, I was UPSET. I set there sobbing, because I felt liked everything I did and sacrificed was crapped on. I wasn’t thanked for the efforts I did. No! And to top it all off I didn’t ask for this, I was asked to “help out,” and this is the thanks I get. I never do anything half-butt. I go above and beyond for the ladies I serve because I would want someone to go above and beyond but this time I felt bad, like that’s what I get for going above and beyond. So I told them not to worry about my plans/suggestions for the year, but instead set their own plans in motion and we’ll run with that because I was exhausted.

At that moment I knew exactly what I was dealing with, and no mater how much someone says they love you, actions speak louder than words. In that moment I felt the spirit of hate, jealousy, envy, competition, animosity, and I bound every bit of it (according to Matthew 18:18), and I loosed the spirit of LOVE!

Love Quote

I operate in the spirit of LOVE, always and no way in Heaven or Hell was I going to  let someone who barely know me tell me who I am and what my intentions are. Sorry not Sorry!!! Later that day my Pastor talked about people being used by the devil, these people don’t want you to do well, they want to slow you down, and eventually stop your progress. I felt exactly like that. I thought it was going well, but deep down inside I was working their nerves, LOL! Dang Girl! After I calmed down, I thanked God, for giving me a heart to serve because ministry is no joke and people will run you off if you let them. And for giving me a heart to be forgiving. My objective is to help Young Women commit their life to Christ, attend church regularly and find their purpose, passion and power in Christ Jesus. My prayer is that the women I come in contact with will build a sisterly bond, learn to pray, study and lead together, (#SlaySisters) and we will be supportive of each other and not envious or mean. We’re here to build the KINGDOM of God and for that very reason we have to do what God called us to do and not play small because of somebodies ego.

And so for the month of February, let’s love ourselves, go deeper, let God work on our inner beauty and grow in grace.

I’m starting a Self Love Challenge. You are more than welcome to join me… #SELFLOVECHALLENGE

Here are the rules:

1. Each morning say something positive about yourself.

2. Make plans to pamper yourself a few times this month.

3. Educate yourself this month, enroll in a class, research your business, etc.

4. Read a book all the way to the end. This month I’m reading “Kingdom Women” Embracing Your Purpose, Power, and Possibilities

By Tony Evans. You can join me here for weekly discussions.

5. Exercise 3-4 times a week this month.

6. Be kind, loving, patient and give yourself a hug

7. Don’t give people access to steal, kill or destroy your plans and goals you’ve set for yourself.

You will accomplish them this month and feel loved!!!

Post a pic or DM me so I can share it with the other women in this group!!!!


Kingdom women

Kingdom Women is our book for the Month of February, Download First Chapter

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