Baecation and Birthday Celebration

On Sunday, January 14, 2018, I celebrated another birthday, and I must say it felt so good. I’m not sure if you know it or not, but I’m 32! I never knew how of a shock that was to people until I posted a picture on Facebook and got such a great response from all these Beautiful Black Queens and Kings. Ok, I’m jumping ahead of myself. Let me take you on our baecation and birthday celebration.

Saturday Morning

I woke up still in my bed at home, but with so much excitement. Today was the day I was going to escape with my husband to relax and rejuvenate for a quick getaway. We live in California so we have quite a few options, we could go south towards San Diego, east towards Palm Springs, west towards Orange County or Los Angeles, each way was about an hour drive, so we chose Orange County area.  Reservations were already made for Imperial Health Spa in Fullerton, CA., so we heading west. I couldn’t wait to lift the burdens off of myself, breath in some fresh air, and out bad air, and be around positive energy. You really don’t realize how much toxins you’re carrying in your body and how much pressure and stress you’re under until you go to a spa. When we walked through the doors we were welcomed with warm smiles and handed locker keys and clothes to put on.

“So we don’t need our swimsuits?” I asked one of the receptionist and she said,

“First Time?…”


She smiled and said, “NO! When you go into the Spa area, you’ll remove your shoes and clothing, place it into the lockers and proceed to the Spa area, naked.”

I looked at her with wide eyes then at my husband. I had a few wild wild thoughts of him pop into my mind, lol, because I was thinking, oh yeah, we’ll have our separate space together to be naked and unashamed! Boy was I wrong!

It was separate, “men on one side and women on the other side,” said the the nice naked lady in the Jacuzzi, when I asked, “so, where were the men?” She was looking at me crazy, so I cleared it up, “Not all men, my man?!” I laughed because I knew my husband was probably thinking, “where’s my wife?” Yikes, sorry babe!

I can honestly say, when you first learn that everyone is nude, you start looking for a corner to hide in, but it’s so beautiful in there and alluring that you dismiss the fact that you are naked as well as the lady next to you and you proudly walk out of the locker room and into the spa area where you feel free. At that moment I was bare, no makeup, no clothes and I whispered “Back to Eden,” I felt like Eve, like I was in the Amazon’s, like I was on an episode of “Naked and Afraid,” only there weren’t any snakes, gators, and spiders! I showered first (which is the protocol) then I dipped in the Jacuzzi tub.

dressing room

Spa at Imperial

Next, I got out, grabbed a towel and went into the sauna. Talk about an experience. I’ve been in a sauna before fully clothed and sticky, but never completely naked. I have to give it to the beautiful brave women of all ages, nationalities, and body types, who took full advantage of the Spa, and I was proud of myself for being among them. This is “Self-Care,” my word for 2018 and this is what I vowed to do and I was doing it. It was empowering, exhilarating, beautiful. I can see why those who schedule mental health days, beauty days, etc, stay healthy and positive all year long! I say do it, bare it all!

I knew by now my husband was probably wondering where the heck was I, lol! So I showered and put on the comfy shirt and shorts they provided. I found my beautiful husband sitting out in the common area, which is co-ed, where everyone join together fully clothed in their matching outfits. I asked if he stripped down and jumped in the Jacuzzi? “Nah, he said.” We both laugh! I knew he wouldn’t be as comfortable with it. We both laughed at the first sight of walking into a locker room full of naked people, because we had no clue it was this kind of Spa. We brought swimsuits and sunscreen, shows you how much we knew, Hahaha! Once in the common area there’s quite a bit of things to enjoy more sauna rooms, an ice room, clay rock room, facials, massages, a VIP lounge, and a sushi bar. It was amazing. We spent about two hours there, but it’s open from 8am to 12am Monday through Saturday, which is sweet. It was so needed and such an amazing time for us to bond on an even deeper level, this experience allowed us to really built amazing intimacy and energy between us and accept and love our bodies. I laughed because I jumped on a scale on my way out and it read 115 lbs, hmmm, at home my scale says 150, one of those scales is off, because I know I sweated my butt off, but not 30+ lbs.

We went to get lunch and later checked into our hotel at 3pm. It was such a peaceful time not having to worrying about anything but loving on each other and spending time laughing, reminiscing and creating more memories. We’ll be married for 14 years this July 6, and we’ve never experience what we just experience and we made a vow to get away once or twice a month, without the kiddos and not just another date night as usual, but something overnight or longer. As married couples we always save the overnight trips for Valentines Day or the wedding anniversary, but that’s only 3-5 days out of 365 days in a year, man it’s mind blowing!!! We also vowed to travel out of the state even the country this year. In December, it seems like we’re sick of our lives, so we make New Year Resolutions in January, but once the new year feeling wears off, we’re back into our daily routine, and that’s sad. So we ended the night on a very good note.

Pictures from Saturday night

Sunday Morning

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!!!! It’s actually here the day I was born, and now I was going to celebrate turning 32. I felt beautiful, relaxed, free, happy, brave, empowered and like a boss. Sometimes it takes getting away and examining your life to realize how amazing you truly are, how much you’ve accomplished, endured, risked, forgave, lived through and overcame. Breakfast was served at our hotel at 6am, but we didn’t get out of bed until 8ish. He was sleeping so peacefully at 6am, while I was up praying, dancing and kissing him and posting videos on snapchat Lol!

After breakfast we went back to our room to rest and have birthday SEX!!!!!

Yelp you read it right! I was dancing around it in the paragraphs ahead, but I’m 32, and you all know what happens after eating and laughing and kissing and being all alone in a room with bae, SEX BABY! We’re married so it was BLESSED SEX and bomb! Hahaha Okay enough about that, but I was glowing all weekend for a reason!!!! 😂

We showered, got dressed and bae took some amazing photos of me with the Balloons he picked up that morning. He then hacked my account and posted the most amazing birthday message! I cried as he read it too me! I could kiss him from head to toe, but instead I kept it PG and gave him the biggest kiss and hug. All I wanted to do all day was twirl like Kenya off Real House Wives of Atlanta! It was magical.

We headed back into town, for ice cream and a movie. Oh, I even stopped by to see my mom. Every birthday I call to wish her a “happy birth-day!” I’m grateful and thankful for the sacrifices she’s made to bring me into this world and care for me till I got married at 18. She still goes out of her way to do little things for me and my family. A mothers job is never really done no matter if your baby is 32, which is why we never should take them for granted. They really don’t have to do half of the things they do, but they do because that’s mom. Many don’t have their mom, like my husband. His mom passed away over 10 years ago, and he’ll always tell me how blessed I am to have my mom, who’s become a mom to him as well. So we’re all blessed. I was literally boo-hooing on the phone when I heard her voice the morning of my birthday. I sobbed because she’s amazing. I know I haven’t been the greatest out of all her nine kids, but she’s always wanted best for me, and now I can say I want best for me too, and I’m going after it. So when I saw her it was special, she even had on the same colors as I did and we didn’t plan it. I Love her to pieces.

We ended the night with good friends and dinner. I had a giant baked potatoes loaded with nacho cheese which is one of my favorite dishes.

The night ended with me receiving so much love on Facebook and IG. I posted this picture in a Natural Hair Group on Facebook and the amount of love, well wishes and positive vibes was amazing!!! I have a whole tribe rooting for me, that felt amazing. Here are a few of the messages. I was blown away when it got over a thousand likes and love! I was glad I could share my day and next chapter with the world.

To get this look shop here:

Dress: Forever 21

Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Makeup: Black Radiance

Hair: Cantu, Twist and Lock Gel


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