Get to know Lady V:

Victoria Taylor also known as Lady V is a mommy of three, a happy wife, author, love coach, speaker and CEO of The Soul Match. You can find her on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook showcasing love, romance, travel, beauty tips, hairstyles, entrepreneurship and advice for the married and unmarried audience. Her hope is to excite love, faith, commitment and self-worth in everyone. Love is her mission! She loves seeing relationships thrive and helping women celebrate their uniqueness. BOOK HER

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Meet the Taylors:

(Victoria writes) When I got married at 18, I had no clue what marriage was all about, neither did my husband (respectfully speaking). When it came to issues regarding intimacy, sex, family dynamics and resolving conflicts, we often found ourselves looking through magazines and getting advice from those who didn’t understand love and didn’t have a clear picture about marriage. After bumping our head many times, we finally surrendered and went to God. Through his word we were able to see the importance of marriage and where we had it all wrong.  Studying God’s word shined a light on the issues we were facing. We were able to celebrate our beautiful union and become the spouse we needed to be for each other. When we realized there were so many hurting couples, we decided to put our biblical training and years of schools to the test and become Christian counselors, relationship coaches, and authors focusing on ways to draw couples together. So in 2015, “The Soul Match” was launched. Together we were able to incorporate faith, love and the promises found in God’s word to help couples celebrate their very own “soul match.” Many have argued that they have many soul mates, but you only get one soul match. Whether you just got married, have been married for years, or just courting, you are not alone. Through our unorthodox approach to counseling, you will go on to live a life of love and leave a legacy for the next generation.

Min. Dwight and Lady Victoria Taylor resides in Southern California with their three children. This year they will be celebrating their 14th wedding anniversary.  Min. Dwight is the Youth Pastor of Breakthrough Church in Moreno Valley, CA. You can follow them on Twitter and Instagram under @soul_match. To solicit couples or one-on-one love coaching with Lady V or to book the Taylors for an event be sure to Schedule Today!


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